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Top Dog wants to provide you with a service that gives you the best of both worlds. We know and understand life gets in the way of many important things, including the poop. We would like to be there to keep you on track, provide peace of mind with one major chore already checked off of your to-do list for all Pets and family. It will help reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the local stream, rivers, and groundwater supplies. We know what it takes to maintain a healthy life for all dogs, keeping dog owners happy also. Top Dog Waste Management gives you a service you deserve and the pleasure of knowing that when your Dog drops the log don’t hesitate to call Top Dog.


Customers can connect with us using text for ease of service.


We are the #1 pooper scoopers in the area for 1 reason! Quality.


Our customer support is unsurpassed. We are available with voice, Text, FaceBook, and much more

We provide some really exclusive affordable services that will fit the needs of all or most clients. It doesn’t matter what size dogs you have, or size areas you need services in, we have you covered. Whether you’re just In need of a one time clean before a family cookout or big gathering before the holidays. Or our unique, Load the logs away services which some of our clients leave the doubled bagged waste in a close location outside of the home or facility for pickup. Please ask us about this service, how the billing is set up for Load the logs away waste service. The majority of our clients enjoy the Weekly & Bi-weekly Top dog poop scoop service that allows us to maintain regularly scheduled cleanings to all yards from all Residential properties, Dog boards, and other facilities.

These services will work well with all dog owners working long hours, unable to keep up with the yard because of a grueling schedule whether late or working nights? Are you someone that has a disability or have a physical limitation that puts a strain on you, cleaning up after your dogs? Or are you like most of our clients only looking for a reliable service that keeps your hand's POOP free and an automatic chore down which won’t take you away from other tasks you have to attend to. Let’s be honest we only get so many hours in a day, after coming home from work and trying to unwind from the daily grind it can be tuff for most. Let Top dog give you, and I genuinely mean you the best of both worlds; where you get all of your dog and none of the mess! These services are Professional friendly and most of all, extremely affordable.

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